to Welcome Home Ministries

From a destructive way of life in addiction to alcohol and drugs to an abstinence-based, sober living community of healing and wholeness, men who enter Welcome Home Ministries’ alcohol and drug recovery program are welcomed with open arms, compassion and grace.

Some men suffering from the disease of addiction have experienced homelessness for years, groping in the darkness and degradation of their addiction; but once they step through the door to enter one of Welcome Home Ministries’ eight recovery residences, they are home.  “Welcome Home!”

Welcome Home Ministries is built upon the foundation of Jesus Christ.  Our mission is “to enter worlds of brokenness in order that all might experience wholeness in Jesus Christ.”   Biblical teachings are utilized as the model for recovery in conjunction with the “Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.”  Additionally, mental health and other medical care referral assistance are offered to recovery program participants on an as needed basis.

Men that choose to participate in Welcome Home Ministries’ recovery support program are part of a peer-group culture.  All recovery participants are asked to make a commitment of at least six months to work through six levels of a person-centered, individualized recovery program.  The purpose of the structured recovery program is to provide recovery participants with the necessary “recovery tools” to assist them during their arduous journey toward healing, recovery from the disease of addiction, wholeness and ultimate self-sustainability.