Recovery Program Goal

To provide an alcohol and drug recovery support program that encourages participants to reach long-term healthy sobriety, self-sufficiency, spiritual wholeness and improvement of overall physical and mental health…

Welcome Home Ministries provides a safe, clean and supportive housing environment that fosters healing, reconciliation, and recovery from alcohol and drugs. Our recovery residences  provide affordable congregate living for mostly homeless men, a “safe-haven” and supportive services for Veterans of War in partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs, and permanent supportive recovery housing for recovery program graduates.

We also provide direction, guidance and mentoring services for program participants. Additionally, we provide assistance in acquiring medical treatment with healthcare professionals, clinics and/or treatment facilities for participants with ongoing physical healthcare needs and/or residents who have co-occurring disorders (chemical dependency with mental health conditions).

Our services include:

Alcohol and Drug Recovery Support

Our alcohol and drug recovery support ministry provides a structured environment that fosters recovery, healing, wholeness and reconciliation.

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Congregate Living Recovery Housing

Congregate living recovery housing residents are asked to make a minimum commitment of six months to our highly structured recovery support program and ministry of compassionate care.  However, we encourage residents to remain with us for twelve months to complete the cy

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Permanent Supportive Recovery Housing

Permanent supportive recovery housing is designed for individuals who wish to maintain their sobriety in a supportive sober living community. Eligible individuals must have successfully completed an alcohol and drug recovery support program.

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Supported Employment

There is a demonstrable need for our clients to find gainful employment to help them return to a responsible level of citizenship and self-sustainability.

In 2002, Welcome Home Ministries began our “Welcome Home Works” program.

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Home Ownership

Home Ownership – Our future dreams include home ownership for those who demonstrate a sustained period of responsible living. Towards this end, we have secured some preliminary commitments from people in our community.

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