Congregate living recovery housing residents are asked to make a minimum commitment of six months to our structured recovery support program and ministry of compassionate care.  However, we encourage residents to remain with us for twelve months to complete the cycle of yearly events that often trigger relapse.

Welcome Home Ministries utilizes three broad “self-directed initiatives” to assist the recovery efforts of recovery program participants: (1) Clients agree to completely abstain from alcohol and drug use, (2) work and pay their own way, and (3) complete six program levels within the structured sober living community to graduate.  The program takes a minimum of approximately six months to graduate.  All levels are monitored and supervised, and accomplished requirements noted in individual records by WHM staff.

The six program levels have multiple steps in progression toward graduation.  Program participants must have a sponsor, complete multiple hours of audio/visual enrichment, attend a minimum of required meetings per week (depending on program level), faithfully observe curfew, complete at least one community service hour for each week in the program, seek and find employed, and remain current on rent.

  • Welcome Home Ministries is a faith-based alcohol and drug recovery support ministry that fosters healing, spiritual wholeness, reconciliation and self-sustainability.
  • Our recovery support program is structured.  However, it is administered with much compassion and care in a 24/7 congregate living recovery housing environment and sober living community.
  • While we emphasize the “12-steps” principles as part of our recovery support program, Biblical teachings are the foundation for our ministry.
  • One of the distinguishable aspects of our recovery support program beginning with congregate living recovery housing is that while detoxification for substance abuse is prerequisite, we do not require individuals to have achieved 30, 60, or even 120 days of sobriety, prior to admission into our program, as some recovery support programs in Middle Tennessee require.  We take men into our recovery support program literally within days of relapse and/or detoxification.
  • We provide a safe, clean, supportive and affordable housing environment. Every resident has a bed, food, clothing, laundry appliances, cable, Internet services and free membership to the YMCA. We also provide transportation for residents to job interviews, health care related appointments, AA and NA meetings, required meetings with parole officers, and other general transportation needs.
  • Residents must progress through 6 levels within the structured living environment, prior to graduating to a level of consideration for accountable, but independent living within a supportive community of graduates.
  • Residents receive a 35% refund on all on-time rent upon graduation from our program.